Consultancy Performance

1. "Classical" Business Consultancy

- Location analysis
- Analysis of expenses, cost centers and pricing system
- Turnover, profitability and cost effectiveness analysis
- Marketing strategies and weak point analysis

2. Finance

- Liquidity and financial analysis
- Creation od alternative financial solutions
- Financial consultancy by take overs, partnerships, share participation and venture capital
- Rehabilitation, restructuring and merging
- Loan and refinancing consultancy, financial grants

3. Company, Investment and Asset management

- Company valuations
- Change of business location
- Purchase and brokerage of companies and shares
- Management buy out's and spin off's
- Human resources
- Rehabilitation management, crisis consulting and crisis management

4. Company formation management

- Company formations and start up's
- Company consolidation
- Share capital and buy out's
- Competitor analysis

5. Innovation Consultancy

- Diagnosis of company's innovational strength
- Strategical innovation management
- Creation and establishment of innovational processes in economical, sociological and technical environments
- Innovational grant's and applications

6. Technological Consultancy

- Analysis of technology
- Technology transfer
- Joint venture, venture capital and risk consultancy
- Government grants and applications

7. International & Inter European Consultancy

- Selection of business location, transfer of business location, branch / representative office locations
- Single market strategies and application of legal requirements
- Location and introduction of companies into the single market
- Joint ventures
- Government grants

8. Economical Promotion

- "Classical" local economical promotion
- New targets for communal colonisation of business
- Technology centers, industrial parks, co-operation models, etc.
- Local employment initiatives

9. IT Consultancy

- Internet and E-Mail
- Hardware incl. development of complete systems and networks
- Software recommendations
- Web - Design and Site development
- Problem solving
- Dgital Media